Northern Iceland

As hinted in the last blog next morning we really took the challenge to hike up the mountain behind us


570 m altitude gain is still nicely to do so nothing too strenuous. In addition the left flank actually was much gentler than the pictures might show, yet still it was some climb…


The last stop before the final ascent to the plateau


and signing into the guest book


Brrrr…. Up here the wind is rather chilly – especially as we had around 14- 16° down (which is unusually warm for here)


The plateau – just moss and stones. All flat…


and wide views everywhere


the way down was gentle again through lush meadows


which are very often knobbly due to the stones underneath


and here is our old friend – the cloud… You saw them drifting in before. If this would be a more serious climb and the path not so more or less obvious that could have resulted in some problems as you could hardly see the next marker


Yet everything went fine and we made our way back down and decided to drive around the peninsula which in the end turned out to be a great idea. The roads up here very often (especially secondary roads) are not tarred, but you get used to it. Just slow down a bit and avoid the potholes Smiley




One thing for sure is annoying here – sand-flies… Where-ever you stand, as soon as the wind is gone (i.e. in the wind-shadow of your camper) that are eating you alive (actually more nibbling as they don’t sting but grasp). So all the small black points around the camera as these lousy beasts…


Drangey as seen from land


different angle and contrast Zwinkerndes Smiley


gentle streams running down the cliffs


corrosion is everywhere


and sheep highways


Beware – spies are around!


The typical fjord entrances


and again the Drangey in the distance


The moon was just magnificent – so huge over the mountains


The night we stayed in Sauðárkrókur on the lousiest campsite ever. In the middle of town and all the local chaps having an enormous fun with their monster- and mega-trucks to race by. Grrrr…

Next morning after a not so pleasant night we migrated forward up the next fjord and were rewarded with an eerie landscape


black sand and smoke waving over it


Sigilsfjödur was the final destination, but as the campsite there was even more abysmal (this time added heavy truck traffic from the harbour plus tour busses) we decided to just walk some time and then head on


Our way into the mountain on the old road to Olafsfjördur (passable when??) finished when too many boulders were lying on the road indicating that here is a dangerous area…


Locals having fun… Well, if you have to live there and happen to be young there is not too much for you to do anyhow. We just had a lough a bit when he choked his bike on the first attempt. Unfortunately he didn’t have to push it back Zwinkerndes Smiley


As they have built a tunnel between the two cities villages some 2 or 3 years ago you can now drive on and don’t have to turn back for 110 km and then go up again 90 as it used to be. Tunnels in Iceland in general are nothing for the faint hearted (usually). They are often single lane and the one side has passing bays. No artificial light inside – pitch black. This one was 3.9 and after a small valley another 7.1 km long. Amazing!!


On the other side the weather had changed totally (you could see the mist creeping over the mountains already)


There is nothing better than some nice food for this kind of weather



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