Padua, Bologna, Modena & Venezia

For our bi-annual trip to the Biennale del Arte in Venezia we decided to give the surrounding cities a glimpse as well, thus we headed to Padua, Bologna and Modena as well. In the end this was a very good idea as these are much more „normal“ Italy than the tourist huzz-buzz of Venice and you can really get a feeling for country and people (at least a bit…)

All are very interesting places – easy to stroll and just enjoyable

Bars are plentiful and always invite for a drink (or 2…)

There was something left in the glass…

Many nice and interesting restaurants

And as the degrees were presented many festivities

Nightlife in general is very much an outdoor affair

Yet after some time it gets a bit nippy and you head inside

In the end we arrived in Venice to be greated by the best of weathers and some lovely views from our hotel garden towards Canale Grande

A bit of art and art deco inside as well

Art as such at the Biennale was interesting this time, yet nothing special and absolutely thrilling. No idea what it was, yet it simply didn’t appeal too much to us.

The most interesting pieces we actually found in a museum in Bologna


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