Argentina 2022 – 2

After Ibera we were heading to the fare North-West, which had been on our list for quite some time already. This area, which is somehow squeezed in between Chile and Bolivia has several interesting parts: the Andes and their colours (and height) as well as a misty forest alongside the slopes of the Andes.

When you arrive in Salta and head out of town to the North you are very soon welcomed with an arid, high-mountain landscape (you are constantly above 2,000 m):

the colours are extremly intense and the mountains spectacular:

The road is rough, altitude very often excessive (the above images are taken at around 4,400 m) and the landscape stunning:

If you venture more towards the West (Chile), the country is getting dryer and dryer, finally ending in salines. These are the smaller ones – the real big ones are in Bolivia, yet we didn’t venture there. On our trip we disvored the amazing ability of the native animals (from the Llama family), to adopt to almost any climate, altitude and environment:

Parallel to the Andes is the area of the fog forest (actually there is an old road from there to the place before – yet you have to cross some real vicious roads and the slopes with 19% are not for the faint-hearted…)

After all these exitements we stayed some days in Salta and after our return to Buenos Aires decided to do a day trip to Uruguay by boat. If Argentina had a problem with the economy post-Covid, this is even much worse in Uruguay. It felt really very run down, hopefully this will improve soon:


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  1. Hallo Ihr zwei

    sehr schöne Bilder, geniest eueren Aufenthalt in Südamerika.
    Wir wollten da nach dem Westen 2016 (Peru/Equador) auch nochmal hin und Argentinien & Chile bis Feuerland machen,
    hatten das aber wegen Corona erstmal verschoben.
    Nächstes Jahr ist jetzt erstmal Jordanien (Petra) und Kairo (neues Museum/Gizeh) dran, dann schauen wir mal.

    So long


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