Argentina 2022 – 1

Well, it has been some time already, yet, due to work and other obstacles of life, only now did I have a chance to write a bit about our trip there.

After arriving in Buenos Aires and settling in for some days, we made our way towards the Iberá Wetlands in the central North of Argentina where Paraguay is directly over the borders. These wetlands are quite large with 15 – 20,000 km² (actually the 2nd largest in the world after the Panatal in Brazil) and an important source of fresh water, stored in lakes and connected by canals.

To explore them you can either take a trip on a motor-boat, or more classic, be dragged in a boat by a horse:

Life if rich and abundant – mostly water-oriented, of course:

Yet (at least for us) the cutest of all inhabitants is the capibara (or capincho as it is lovingly called – „like a capincho en al agua“):

In between the waterways are small islands, which were traditionally used as resting places (or settlements)

As there are not too many settlements, your choice of hotel usually involves some haciendas, which used to be working farms, but nowadays often are converted to accomodate tourists. Ours was quite nice and comfy – especially the pool was a welcome chiller after the still rather warm days

Our farm had quite some local wildlife (at least for us it was wild) as well:

And one evening they provided a wonderful experience of an open barbeque with local dancers


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  1. Ļoti skaists ceļojums!

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