A night out in Poble Nou

Poble Nou is a charming suburb of Barcelona which was built in the 16th / 17th century and preserved its old building structures (2 storey buildings) in the core (mainly around the omnipresent “Rambla” in Spain).  As the extensions to the suburb which were used for large factories in the 19th / 20th century are facing major reconstructions this is quite dull and we usually just go to the old part.


There you find – alongside the normal huzz-buzz  of a Spanish Rambla – some more hidden side-streets with cosy bars and low light atmosphere (no, not that low light…).


Albeit BCN has a plethora of places to drink a nice bar is something not to be sneezed at – especially one where you can get real cocktails. Ok, one word about cocktails and Spain… Spanish people drink, a lot, strong things, weak things, anything actually… Yet – they have to know it. For some reason the most popular cocktail is Gin & Tonic. No, not the plain Beefeater / Schweppes Tonic variety but all kind of different gins & tonics. In Girona there is a supermarket where you have around 100+ different gins – I didn’t even know so many existed before…


And some bars have their own blend… Like rhubarb gin (tastes actually nice Zwinkerndes Smiley). Mostly it’s flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, …

Another thing very, very common to BCN is vermouth. Actually they claim to have invented it – not the Martini variety (which is much sweeter). It’s more a liquefied wine lozenge with added spices. Varieties go from so sweet you can’t get your teeth away from each other to making a sour face. In fact it was intended to cover the taste of bad wine… So that’s the reason you have it. Nowadays it’s a refreshing evening drink and usually you order the “Vermouth casero” variety and hope the bar has something special (not only Martini).

This one did – even 11 different vermouth (that’s the reason they call themselves a vermoutheria and gineria Smiley)

Doesn’t it look stylish… Zwinkerndes Smiley


I love watching people work (in bar & food places). The light is great and it’s always an atmosphere of relaxed concentration


Yes – the same for the visitors… Which gin will do? Or shall I take a vermouth? Tough choices have to be made…


Vermouth it is – one “casero” (house version), one “especial” (no translation Smiley)


And, yes, water – no, this is no alibi… It was warm… And we do drink non-alcoholic beverages as well (no comments…).


Enjoy your time and go to a bar of your choice as well – it’s fun just watching people Smiley

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