Hiking around Llançà

In the very North of Catalunya there is a small nice natural park – “Cap de Creus” – where you can do lovely walks and just enjoy live in the many bays of the Mediterranean.


Being quite close we decided to go there on a hot summer day and do some hiking (instead of fitness club which is far more boring) and afterwards go to exactly one of these lovely bays for a “cool-down” Smiley

The start was at a monastery quite close to Llançà 


And up and down it went over rocky ground…


Always nice flowers around to enjoy


And spectacular views – this here is Llançà 


Sloping down the valley to a small village and up again in the heat of the day


is a tedious job, but not so bad as there is quite ample shade and a headscarf with some water helps as well Zwinkerndes Smiley


As a payback for all the trouble you are rewarded with simply stunning views of the landscape


Which was cultivated for ages by mankind


To get more out of the ground


It’s always amazing to see what efforts were undertaken to increase the yield of the harvest… Well, we might guess that the monastery had no small impact in this “decision” as well…


After some 10 km we made the circle back to the small chapel (literally called “more wind”) of the monastery


and this time you see the bay of “El Port de la Selva”


Like ourselves everybody is coming home…


The port as such is much nicer than the far bigger one up the cost so we usually like to go there…


If you follow the cap around the corner there are plenty of small isolated bays with green-blue water just inviting to take a swim…

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