Desolation at the Airport

Barcelona Airport went through a phase of rapid expansion in the beginning of 2000 just to face the backslash of the economic downturn in 2007. With it came unused terminals, parking lots and facilities.

Driving there every month for my trip to Germany I come along one of these lots and found it so fascinating that I had to photograph it. Standing in front of the gates with  our small car in the early hours of the morning was an eerie experience. Especially as the first Mossos (Catalunyan state police) turned up within 15min (what did I expect – with an 8×10” view camera at an airport..) for checking my documents and the Guardia Civil within another 10min. Yet everything went fine, documents checked again and I was free to work…

Let’s see if they remember me next time I get there Zwinkerndes Smiley

Desolation 2 BW 2400 (Andere)

No one will driver there in a very long time…

Desolation 3 BW 2400 (Andere)

No need for handles any more…

Desolation 1 BW 2400 (Andere)

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