Walking in the Shiretoko National Park

In the far North-East of Hokkaido there is a very beautiful National Park – Shiretoko – which you can explore on foot at least on some controlled paths (except if you are a more ardent hiker and going for the real wild option, which we were not this time…). As this is bear country you have to attend a small „class“ before venturing around the lakes there, but usually there are dozens of other people around you (well, you are in Japan…), so bears will not come too close anyhow…


Being quite late in the year the colours started to come out already and the scenery was pristine


Very nice autumn colours and a hint of chill in the air


Sunset is coming


There it is…


The landscape is for sure very fascinating


For those who don’t want to do the full 4 km there is a wooden walkway to cover the plain as well


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