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If your flight leaves at 23:10 local time and you want to really enjoy the last day with some nice breakfast, late check-out and no stress you have to really consider what to do. Hiking was no option (too tired, too warm, too lazy Zwinkerndes Smiley) and shopping neither (1001 other reasons). That limits your choices quite a bit in a city like Hong Kong which is principally founded on the principles of food, drink and shopping. As the Museum of Art is closed for 3 years as well, even more so. Well, in cases like that a harbour cruise is always a nice option…


Especially in Hong Kong where the skyline is quite impressive (and this is only Hong Kong Island – Kowloon is even more)


Skyscrapers everywhere


Then trying to find something nice and not so heavy to bite for late lunch brought us to a “Sushi on the go” place where I was struggling with the new ordering system. Either it’s my thumb, my idea of ordering or simply my incompatibility with these systems, yet I found it pretty hard to get what I want. Somehow I prefer a waiter to address…


This ad was just nice (and sad)


As the sushi didn’t really last for long (it was just a nibble in between to keep the stomach from collapsing too much…) we ended in the restaurant of the 1st night which was good and affordable then and now!

Eating out in Hong Kong is something where you really have to evaluate the price to service ratio as it is one of the more expensive cities. You can eat quite good and very, very cheap (like Dim Sum in Tim Ho Wan where you pay 13 € in total for 2 people and are full, yet a bit on the classical and rich side) or some 80 € in a not so good Chinese Restaurant where you get loads of MSG and fat. If you really want to tweak the budget (what we usually did for breakfast) is to get something in the supermarket or a Dim Sum at the MTR (subway) where you have a full load for around 4 € / person… (multiply this by 400 – 500 and you probably have the calorie intake as well Fledermaus)

So a good ratio is approx. 35 – 55 € for 2 in a place like this where you will receive nice starters, good main courses plus vegetables (goes extra as does the rice) and a beer.


Despite the way of cooking everybody seems very considerate about health and loads of miracle medicine is sold… Well, at least they don’t claim to cure cancer and in-grown toe nails


This is where you get different food as well. We used places like this in Shanghai and other Chinese cities and it is quite good – here we just made pictures. Usually it’s eggs, yams, chestnut, etc. Things you can preserve warm for ages Smiley


After some tough and rough 16h in total of flying time, which is no real fun in the cheapest fare class you get (= sardine feeling with a snoring Chinese next to you with a breath to stain silver, who is starting to talk in his dreams…), we arrived in Barcelona and surprisingly our luggage as well. Being fair what do you really expect for 550 € / person for a return ticket Barcelona – Hong Kong via Frankfurt which is a total of around 25,000 km flying distance…

So to relax a bit and lay out our wary bones we drove to Poble Sec, sat at the beach


and just enjoyed a lovely Gin Tonic!


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