Hong Kong Impressions

As we had a huge desire to move a bit around, this time we aimed for the MacLehose trail section 2 which starts off in the east just above the reservoir and ends well in the mountains. image

As they use the path as a maintenance access as well it is paved in quite most places and very well preserved. We especially liked the small bulldozers they have to use (we were contemplating if they get bigger when aging as well…)


The views are exceptional and the reservoir in the back a real treat


most of the flanks have been re-forested as de-forestation was quite severe and erosion a big problem. Nowadays many native trees are regrown and forest diversification program is well underway to make the forest(s) more like they used to be


Idling down we came to a beach settlement where we enjoyed a cool drink, which is a necessity at 30+°, direct sunshine and around 85% humidity


The east of Hong Kong is quite known for its beaches and big waves


Looks very nice – yet a lot of rubbish is floating around and on land


Camping is very popular as well, yet I have a problem imagining camping at 27° at night…


As soon as the path is not needed to access some waterways, electricity lines, etc. it falls back to what it used to be


Any you get a glimpse of a quite different Hong Kong


Jungle Smiley


It was very, very warm and just sitting created a nice outline from wet hiking trousers


Coming to an abandoned village


With trees overgrowing old structures


and the kitchen in turmoil


It looks like they had very little time to leave… Strange…


Some seemed to have said “Good-Bye” to their homes


And in some there has been no-one living for quite some time


For sure no intruders in the last years


Hiking back and finally catching the bus we made it back to Sai Kung where we had seafood the night before


Given it’s a fishing town there are supposed to be fishing vessels Zwinkerndes Smiley


Then at night we tried a different place in the Sha Tin station area – this time Sichuan kitchen, which started deliciously with Dim Sum filled with broth and meet


But then got fatter and fatter culminating in the pork belly


and green pea shoots with mushrooms which were so soaked in oil that we simply had a tough time digesting until next evening. They use the cheap palm oil so abundantly (including MSG) that it is no longer nice to eat…


After a bit of heavy night slowly burping and turning in bed we decided to take a lighter walk this time – so section 9 of MacLehose (3, 4 and 5 are not for the fainthearted as they are long and extremely ardours; up 900 m, down 500, up 300, down 700, up 400… you get the drill… nightmare…).

So section 9 it was… After helping the taxi driver finding the right start off point (our drivers mostly have never ever been to the places we let them take us Zwinkerndes Smiley) we made a nice walk with interesting views of Hong Kong showing the clear border between living and forestation. They have been very wise to keep these country parks so that natural buffer zones are present to absorb the city


At the end of section 9 we had the unpleasant discovery that for some reason no public transport was available (which usually is the case at the end of each section), so we had to continue well into #10 and then make our way down the mountains which meant that instead of some nice 7 km we had to do some 19 km in the end… Fortunately we had enough time planned in so we could even shower before heading off to our evening treat – the “Duddels” (http://www.duddells.co/home/en/).

Anyone being in Hong Kong and willing to indulge in exceptional cuisine should head there – if just for a started and a main course! They cook “new” Cantonese kitchen with a twist. The same ingredients like the others, just used slightly different and extremely effective… That they have two Michelin stars is just a side effect, yet I have to admit they earn them!

The eatery…DSCF3859

Suspicious contemplation Smiley


Very funny glasses, too


It starts… 4 appetizers


roast duck, suckling pig belly and aubergine fries


thin crispy pig


Seafood dumpling with Caviar and Hairy Crab Coral… If you just take this dish you know what I mean by their quality!!


A roasted pigeon – no idea how they get it so tender, juicy, yet crispy on the outside. Divine!


Well, it tasted good Zwinkerndes Smiley


Fried Australian M9 Wagyu Beef with Fresh Lily Bulb, Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce


Sautéed Asparagus with Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle


Sesame balls filled with a kind of custard… Not too sweat, just delicious


After all these delights we headed to a sister institution – the “Back Bar” of the “Ham & Sherry” – http://www.hamandsherry.hk/nowopen/menu/HnS_bar_menu.pdf

A place where you can enjoy nice cocktails, served with a twist… This one is “colonial cousins”


and here is the menu


Pisco Fever… Good that it didn’t glow after consumption Zwinkerndes Smiley


The shining fake ice cube for sure was a treat!


Small, cosy and nice


After so much good food and drink we headed back by the absolutely fabulous metro system of Hong Kong (where you pay just 1.5 € for the whole trip from Hong Kong island to Sha Tin which is around 18 km and takes you a total of 35 min including changing 3 times!)

He seemed to enjoy the train ride as well – no idea what he did to his mascot or what he was thinking of… Zwinkerndes Smiley


Today we are heading back to Spain with a nightly flight – let’s see how we can spend the day nicely!

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