Hong Kong Impressions

After developing the first half of the B/W films here are some impressions of Hong Kong…

Skyline at night

HongKong (7) (Andere)

river reflections

HongKong (8) (Andere)

Room with a view

HongKong (31) (Andere)

Thunderstorm approaching

HongKong (10) (Andere)

abandoned village

HongKong (12) (Andere)

the forgotten door

HongKong (16) (Andere)

the last meal

HongKong (17) (Andere)


HongKong (15) (Andere)

Farewell community

HongKong (14) (Andere)

I see you…

HongKong (39) (Andere)

What’s on the menu tonight?

HongKong (29) (Andere)

A nice fellow

HongKong (30) (Andere)

Loved by everyone

HongKong (41) (Andere)

play with B/W

HongKong (21) (Andere)

8 graces

HongKong (23) (Andere)

a faun?

HongKong (33) (Andere)

gentle and kind

HongKong (34) (Andere)

playing with compassion

HongKong (18) (Andere)

and sadness

HongKong (6) (Andere)


HongKong (2) (Andere)

Tuck in

HongKong (37) (Andere)

The aftermath

HongKong (40) (Andere)


HongKong (3) (Andere)

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  1. Really great and impressive pictures, respect …

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