Cap de Creus

As we wanted to hike last Sunday after the service but had some terrible howling wind, we really had to consider where this might be possible. As the church is located in Pau (close to Llanca) an directly in a valley between two parallel mountain ranges, the channelling effect is even more pronounced Zwinkerndes Smiley So finally we opted to go south of Cadaques in the Cap de Creus national park area. This range stretches in principle from El Port de la Selva in the north to Empuriabrava in the South and consists of beautiful mountains, bays and loads of view Smiley


This time we started from the south around Cap de Norfeu and hiked to the outer perimeter of the peninsula. Views are always stunning and breath-taking here…


The ground is harsh and unforgiving – only the sturdiest survives




Mostly it’s quite soft stone, but loads of it


The combination of colours makes it really exceptional


Bright sunshine and clear skies are the norm Smiley Fortunately it is winter so the temperature (without chill-factor) is around 10 – 14° at daytime, with the wind much, much lower…


The climbing is a bit exhausting indeed


After coming back (it simply got too windy and too late at some point) we made a short stop to take some images a parking site overlooking the sea. The evening sun was marvellous but unfortunately not strong any more. So the felt temperature was around –5° (we had wind with approx. 50 km/h). It was freezing cold…


That was the object of desire – an almond tree in bloom!


With a nice moon behind


Just beautiful


So nice and fluffy Smiley


Taking the whole with the large camera gave an image like:

Baum Cadaques (4) (Andere)

A bit more dramatic…

Baum Cadaques


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