Spanish Mountain Impressions

As most films have been developed and quite some scanned by now (which does take a considerable amount of time…), we wanted to share some of the Northern Spanish Mountains with you…

One thing worth mentioning is that they are all not scanned optimally as my wet plate scan is still “under development”. If this is done the scans should be much, much smoother and better.

Another good idea for those willing to get the outmost quality of the images would be to go to our picture web site:

Ordessa (Pyrenees) in mist

Mountains in Mist BW 2400

Ragged mountain in Pola de Somiedo

Ragged Mountain Extract BW 2400

Misty mountain – Pola de Somiedo

Mountain in Cloud BW 2400

Picos de Europa. Actually this picture is an error as by accident I made a double exposure (being up there I already thought it – yet was quite mesmerized how the outcome will be…). I have to say I do like it – could I get more of these errors, please Smiley

Mountains Overlay BW 2400

Guara – rivers of slate

River of shale excerpt BW 2400

Guara – rock domes

Rockdome BW 2400

Guara – muddy skin

Mudskin Large BW 2400

Guara – more mud

Mudskin BW 2400

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