Taiwanese Impressions 1

It has been some time since we are back from Taiwan, but only now I am able to follow up on my duties of documenting… As Taiwan has quite a lot to offer in terms of photography and exotic „feeling“, there are rather a lot of images of it, too. I will try to make them available as „impressions“ mostly – leaving you the choice to group and structure them yourself. So, here we go – stay tuned the next days…

For many people a strangler fig seems nothing special, but I do love these plants. They are so powerful and produce magnificent images


Encasing their victim and slowly taking overCF001252_2400

They can grow almost everywhere like here on an old wall in AnPing fort. An Ping is quite interesting too. It’s an old Durch settlement in Tainan which in itself is considered the oldest settlement in Taiwan. Whenever like this is mentioned people tend to forget that the native population has been on the island far longer – and their settlements exceed Tainan…CF001264_2400

Roots developing over a stone wall… very resilient creatures…CF001276_2400

Back in main Tainan at the Temple of ConfuciusCF001266_2400

A very creepy atmosphere late in the eveningCF001269_2400

Tree barkCF001272_2400

The typical way to make roofs – tiles with concrete in betweenCF001282_2400

The entry to a shrine in TainanCF001287_2400

Beautiful doorsCF001288_2400CF001289_2400

and the gardener at workCF001290_2400

Don’t rush too muchCF001292_2400

Imposing entranceCF001307_2400

A burner for the devotionsCF001313_2400

Another magnificent temple in TainanCF001315_2400

Wonderful ceiling and columnsCF001323_2400

And peace…CF001325_2400

inside as well…CF001332_2400

The sanctum… in Chinese Buddhist temple everything is far more relaxed than e.g. Thailand – here you can walk around with your shoes on, nobody is annoyed or disturbed if you talk, take pictures, etc. The whole life goes on and on around you – you are just a part of it and in the middle…CF001338_2400

another one… (would you have guessed ;-))CF001343_2400

And very old arcades – the nice thing in Taiwan is that most of the style and art is actually very old (like in mainland China), yet due to the different attitude towards it, it’s preserved and rather nicely as well…CF001346_2400



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