Japanese Impressions 2

The wet climate very often creates wonderful mossy trees – very smooth and velvety


Wooden shingles are used very often for roofs and the usual guardian is present at this temple as well

A nice chap…


This was a smaller temple on a small island off Sendai with loads of small figures distributed everywhere. You can buy them in a small shop downhill and place them there (presumably for good luck, health, …)

View from the temple over they bay


After the last rays of late summer sund and lush green we were heading a bit more inlands where the autumn had approached much more


Everything was clad in a gorgious cover of colours. And these two Japanese cypresses for sure made an impression


Another typical temple in the mountains

And the same from a bit further away


Looking down to temple #5 of the Shikoku temple trail


In the hall was a wonderful wooden carving of a bird and an oven for incense which had lovely contemporary art effects

I just love these patterns

CF001524_2400 1

Temple #5

Interestingly you can see three different scenes through the same window

CF001534_2400 1

old temple doors, massive trees and loads of feeling

The entrance


at first we thought it’s the first time we see a female goddess, but then we were doubting… Pure male habitat 😦


And then on the way back this super lovely waterfall


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