Small excursions

As the weather was somehow mixed we decided to do only smaller excursions in the nearer distance which is nice as well… So from our campsite in Gairloch this one is just some 40 km away next to Kinlochewe where the valley of the river Ewe has a lot of fertile ground

CF000228 1

Fascinating trees sprouting life

CF000229 1

A hiker Smiley

CF000233 1

Making approaches

CF000238 1

It’s always amazing what little is needed for plants / trees to grow…

CF000241 1

Yesterday we were exploring a longer stretch and as the whole area is volcanic landscape the magma has nice forms as well

CF000248 1

The end of our journey – ice-cold but beautiful water…

CF000251 1

A rock mushroom

CF000254 1

view towards the sea

CF000253 1

After the hike we were really hungry so decided to barbecue. As these little ones are not very nice on grass we decided to grill in the harbour…

CF000268 1

A funny family scene – boat cat and dog together.

CF000261 1

The other side of the bay

CF000264 1

and the whole view

CF000266 1

a nice cider with water is just the right thing after a long hot hike

CF000265 1

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