Torridon from the North

As there are not too many campsites and especially none as beautiful as this ( in the area I decided to stay a bit longer and do a more “local” hike. So not driving 20 – 30 km, but just “around” the corner to Poolewe. From there a longish 23 km hike is expected to take me up that mountain…


On the way you can see deer which belong to the estate and will end as lovely steaks and burgers some time soon… Smiley


A small gorge is always nice and cosy


with some beautiful flowers on the side


and an exploded tree-mushroom


The view from the mountain towards the sea is stunning


and on the other side (I was standing on the saddle) you can see the whole range of the Torridon and Fisherfield forest (well, used to be – now only peat… humans…)


here again from lower down the same range


and on my way back the mountain I have been up to in relation to the surrounding area…


back at the camp-site and this time the most luxurious view of all… I am a bit in the middle, but honestly no-one really cares and rules are flexible.


I am not sure how I will get out of the bed tomorrow and my feet are just hurting, but it was a beautiful day!

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3 Kommentare

  1. So Michael, dann freue ich mich schon auf unsere Tour im Mai. Du machst mir mit den Bildern wirklich den Mund wässrig. Hoffe das Wetter spielt bei uns auch mit – solche Aussichten bei solch einen Wetter – davon träumt der Schottland-Urlauber….

  2. Nicht der schlechteste Blick auf einem Campingplatz 😉
    Ist das links übrigens Dein Camper?

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