Sant Aniol d’Aguja

On my birthday we decided to do a nicer hike and therefore went to our beloved base station Sadernes (some 45 km from Girona quite in the middle of the so called Garotxa). From here on we hiked towards Sant Aniol d’Aguja, an old cloister. In general there are many, many walks here, so this is just one of 1000 Smiley

It was extremely dry so all rivers were just some murky remains and pools

Sant Aniol Hike  (22)

Yet you can see the force of erosion everywhere

Sant Aniol Hike  (17)

several meters tall the cliffs are standing

Sant Aniol Hike  (9)

And the road meanders gently into the limestone hills

Sant Aniol Hike  (18)

which in themselves are already beautiful

Sant Aniol Hike  (19)

another ravine

Sant Aniol Hike  (21)

And the typical path in the lower part of the trek (later on it gets much smaller and rougher)

Sant Aniol Hike  (10)

I just love these stone formations

Sant Aniol Hike  (11)

The are so beautiful

Sant Aniol Hike  (12)

Crossing a river in low water is no problem – normally here would be 20 – 30 cm more…

Sant Aniol Hike  (15)

Last year’s floods tore down the old bridge

Sant Aniol Hike  (13)

Here is a beautiful pond where we did have a swim on the way back. Yet very cautiously as we saw a viper in the water on the ground at the end of the trail. So you never know where the snakes might hide and their bite would be rather nasty.

Sant Aniol Hike  (14)

Finally at the end of this part of the trail (which continues as GR 11 towards France / Andorra)

Sant Aniol Hike  (8)

On the way back (after the swim… we anyhow could volunteer for any wet T-Shirt contest Zwinkerndes Smiley) more limestone formations

Sant Aniol Hike  (6)

They are just amazing. Next time I have to bring the large camera up here…

Sant Aniol Hike  (5)

At the first bridge another dry riverbed – really unusually dry

Sant Aniol Hike  (3)

Normally – even in high summer – would be some stream running down…

Sant Aniol Hike  (2)

Pfff…. 5h in this heat – just enough Smiley

Sant Aniol Hike

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