Cap De Creus–Rocks and More

Some 80 km from us is Cap de Creus – a rocky outcrop and natural park with wonderful views and nice hiking paths. Thus we decided to just quickly drive there on a Wednesday late afternoon and use the long hours of summer to get around a bit.


During its flow the lava which formed the land created all kinds of spectacular layers

Cap Creus


Cap Creus (2)

Twists and turns

Cap Creus (3)

Things like petrified rocks

Cap Creus (4)

or simply harder material which erodes slower

Cap Creus (5)

leaving stumps standing around

Cap Creus (6)

one more flow

Cap Creus (7)

and a dragon scale

Cap Creus (18)

a cave

Cap Creus (8)

and another outcrop

Cap Creus (9)

The land is rather bleak, stony and not so fertile – being high summer and quite warm the cloud cover together with the stones made you feel like in an oven…

Cap Creus (11)

Shrubs in passing sunlight

Cap Creus (13)

Sun is very low already

Cap Creus (14)

And some nice grasses alongside

Cap Creus (16)

This cactus must have had some kind of disease

Cap Creus (24)

and these here are in full bloom Smiley

Cap Creus (23)

Finally, after the short hike we called it a day and finalized it in Cadaques

Cap Creus (22)

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