Soaking in Sa Tuna (Begur)

Last week we took an afternoon off and went to the small village of Begur which has extremely nice bays and beaches. We always like to go to one special place – Sa Tuna… Now it is very peaceful and idyllic – which changes quite a lot during summer…

Restaurants are veeeery good and the fish and tapas just a treat

Begur (2) (Andere)

Is he an oriental gentlemen Zwinkerndes Smiley?

Begur (17) (Andere)

Church in the olive grove…

Begur (7) (Andere)

No entrance

Begur (Andere)

What you can do with old wood washed up the beach Zwinkerndes Smiley

Begur (8) (Andere)

Biting guardians

Begur (4) (Andere)

View over the bay “Aiguafreda”

Begur (14) (Andere)

Soon to be released…

Begur (20) (Andere)

Begur (21) (Andere)

That’s the right approach

Begur (19) (Andere)

Somehow they don’t look too satisfied

Begur (18) (Andere)

Just some structure

Begur (5) (Andere)

Through the houses

Begur (11) (Andere)


Begur (15) (Andere)

Sin entrar

Begur (13) (Andere)

Hasta la proxima…

Begur (9) (Andere)

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