Caldera Velha Sao Miguel

There is one very nice part of Sao Miguel which got entirely forgotten in the previous posts and this now gets some correction…

In an old caldera, which still is geothermal active, they created a public bath which is fed by some hot spots. The overflowing hot water is directed to a pool where it arrives nicely at around 50° – so you have to be pretty sure you are far away from the inlet Zwinkerndes Smiley


Cold water running down from wells is heated by the hot ground and bubbling nicely


Don’t put your toe in there…


very much alive…


Surrounding tree ferns (from New Zealand) give the whole place a far more remote attire


they are just so magnificent


Further up the path is a colder area where a small waterfall has been created to feed a pool. According to the reaction of people using it, it must be rather on the cool side Zwinkerndes Smiley


All in all it’s a nice and peaceful place. We couldn’t use it really as in the first time we had no swimming gear with us and the second time we simply were too busy doing other things… Next time?

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