Messene (or Messini – Μεσσήνης)

Messini used to be a ciy-state on the Peloponnes in the Kalamata region which was conquered by Sparta at around the 8th century BC. It reigned over a vast and rich countryside and thus could develop into a huge centre. Nowadays you can still catch a glimpse of the old glory by looking at the ruins of the city which is quite wide-spread and elaborate.

Being early spring we had lovely flowers all around us

This doesn’t look like much, yet the stadion gives an idea about the vast dimensions this city once had

This and the theatre as the old public places must have been a splendid view in teh old days

The gymnasium, funeral pile and structured marble finish the impression

Yet to truely see the grandeur and importance you have to drive up to the old city wall (stretching around 9 km around) with the Arcadian Gate (guarding the road to Arcadia in central Peloponnes) with a diameter of 18m.

Built to absolute perfection (really round – not eliptical) and stone on stone without mortar.

Truly imposing and a wonderful daily excursion


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