Amsterdam after dawn

On our way back to Scotland we made a stop for 3 nights in Amsterdam (exploring city lights and other amusements…). After discovering that museums are highly overpriced (to our liking) and the queues endless, with no-one wearing masks (which became mandatory again just 2 days afterwards…), we opted for outside nightlife. Just to discover that we picked the Halloween days, which made it even more special.

A word of caution…

Being famous for its open attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community it was something very special and we enjoyed the fabulous and gorgeous sights the city – and especially the people living there – have to offer.

This blog is not about ‚going to a show‘ and see ’strange‘ people – it is intended to show, what we considered just a wonderful experience. Seeing people being able to openly express their desire and sexual orientation in a non-threatening, easy-going environment. They accepted us the way we are, as we accepted them the way they want to be.

Yet not so hasty dear readers – it all starts very classical…

We loved the inscription

As the night started things got more interesting.

On the second day (Sunday actually) we opted to go into the centre quite late and just enjoy ourselves – not fuzzing around with museums and sightseeing, just pure life.

As the evening became the night things got more lively…

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