Lockdown Escapes in Scotland – Part 2

Paying tribute to the fact that North Uist and Benbecula, which are linked to South Uist via land bridges over shallow bays, are very much non-descript and pretty run-down, we skipped these hostile lands to head further on to Harris & Lewis (which is one islands, yet due to the massive mountain in the middle, was always considered as 2).

As our booking there (which is highly advisable in season as places are sparse and wild camping fills up very soon) was only 3 days later to start, we tried our luck and got our dream campsite at the end of a micro single-lane road. It is just a part of cleared rock, but has electricity and space for 5 campers and run by the local community – if available (which we never have been lucky before) – it’s a wonderful peace of the world.

Nearby is the end of the road which is in a wonderful bay with quite some hiking in the backlands, so definately worth a go…

Our most dear highland cows – so gentle and nice

From the bay a nice walk (if it is not like in our case raining horizontally) goes off towards other bays more in the north

Stunning as it might be, the weather was atrocious, so we headed back after just half the walk and met our beach again

On the way we witnessed a lambing and the new sheep is not very content with the state of the Earth and being in the wild.

Nothing beats a good rock to scratch these parts…

That is the bonus – the most beautiful vistas in the world

And very changeable, too… Temperature can drop quite fast and what was sunny, then rainy, now is snowy and if out in the mountain can be a serious condition

Yet it clears up soon enough (at least at this time of the year), so you just have to wait a bit.

The last image shows the old „lazy beds“ used by the people living here before they were driven out by the „clearances“ (where landowners pushed them from the land to have space for sheep). These beds were fertilized mostly with sea-weed and quite fertile and served hundreds of people. By the sheer amount you can imagine how much vegetables and barley (nothing else would grow perhaps) you can plant and harvest.

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