Bengaluru First Impressions

So, here I am in Bangalore or as it’s now officially called Bengaluru, the capital of the state of Karnataka in India. It’s 34° warm, I am rather tired as the plane landed (on time…) at 01:50 am and we have 4.5 h time zone difference, yet I am still in good mood and recovering rather well from the first culture shocks… The good thing is that people are tremendously friendly and nice and even if the English is sometimes more on the creative side we do understand each other! The hotel is a bit bland and there is not terrible much to do outside, but this was expected as Whitefield (where the we are located) used to be a sleepy village for the English some 15 km off Bengaluru centre and now is the heart of the Indian IT industry.

So why am I here? Pretty easy – my customer has sent me here to pass knowledge to their Indian subsidiary as they are supposed to take over support and maintenance in some 7 months (gosh, what a learning curve Zwinkerndes Smiley). So, I better get accustomed to it all, as it will be a quite frequent encounter the next months…

To share some very first impressions here are some images taken just up and down the main road around the hotel:

Fresh coconut are a delight when it is warm


Bon appetit!


Let’s see when he will end in a curry…


All the old buildings are taken down one by one to build larger structures


Like my hotel


You don’t have to worry about air-condition. There is for sure a lot of air getting through this bus Zwinkerndes Smiley


Freshly squeezed fruit juice


Skilled opening of a coconut


Alternative transportation


Attempted robbery or simply black headgear?


Yes, that’s what we need!


Don’t worry about the parking sign Zwinkerndes Smiley


Monsoon proof cabling


Electricity distribution can be challenging…


At least we know that the communication is in good hands


Building sites and rubbish everywhere


Very mundane if that play of word is allowed… Don’t get too close



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