November in Venice…

Barcelona – Venice with RyanAir is just a short flight and with current flight prices an even better bargain. Well, if you remember that Treviso is only called Venice airport, yet technically you are still 30 km from the city as such (Marco Polo would be the real one…). So the taxi was not planned for, but what can you do?

Our main motivation to go to Venice were the last days of the Biennale which we wanted to thoroughly enjoy a last time without the crowds..,

After the first day being pure sunshine we were afraid that it wouldn’t get gloomy this year (what we wanted, too), but we were lucky. Next morning the weather had changed Smiley 

Venedig (51) (Andere)

Lovely Smiley

Venedig (52) (Andere)

As most vaporettos (water taxi) were only going from Murano to the main island a lot of walking was on the agenda (good…)

Venedig (57) (Andere)

But in between it always cleared up

Venedig (19) (Andere)

So the fruit stalls could sell a thing or to as well

Venedig (22) (Andere)

Getting some lunch…

Venedig (21) (Andere)

Al fresco dining

Venedig (10) (Andere)

al fresco drinking?

Venedig (24) (Andere)

We love Venice…

Venedig (41) (Andere)

Ok, this picture was true 100 years ago as well…

Venedig (38) (Andere)

Very much the same

Venedig (33) (Andere)


Venedig (7) (Andere)

Overhauling the mighty gondolas

Venedig (8) (Andere)

Somehow this film got some problem, but it looks nice anyhow Zwinkerndes Smiley

Venedig (18) (Andere)

Amazing atmosphere

Venedig (11) (Andere)


Venedig (34) (Andere)

The main church in Murano where we stayed (on the island, not in the church obviously)

Venedig (54) (Andere)

I warned you – we were here for art as well…

Venedig (6)


Venedig (2) (Andere)

The lion of Venice

Venedig (28) (Andere)

Just an art gallery in an old factory (glass presumably…)

Venedig (12) (Andere)

and a wonderful inner covered yard with a cistern

Venedig (5) (Andere)


Venedig (29) (Andere)

You know it yourself Zwinkerndes Smiley

Venedig (Andere)

I like this one

Venedig (25) (Andere)

Very species correct Zwinkerndes Smiley

Venedig (46) (Andere)

And again outside…

Venedig (13) (Andere)

Sun peeking down

Venedig (39) (Andere)

Canale Grande once more

Venedig (48) (Andere)

on our way to Murano (or to the main island – who knows…)

Venedig (16) (Andere)


Venedig (23) (Andere)

Boat approaching

Venedig (3) (Andere)

It’s a boat – obviously

Venedig (27) (Andere)

The corner of the cemetery – now the last 400 m to Murano start

Venedig (26) (Andere)

Whatever happened – but it looks nice

Venedig (9) (Andere)

Our private boat (no, just no other passengers Zwinkerndes Smiley)

Venedig (15) (Andere)

Supply chain management is active

Venedig (17) (Andere)

Il Faro de Murano… Fitting – white in white

Venedig (4) (Andere)


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