Sri Lanka–Pickings Part 1

After the first batch of analogue colour film has been developed, dried and scanned here some samples as a “special picking”… More to come (hopefully Zwinkerndes Smiley)


Lanka (12) Bleech (Andere)

A bit grumpy?

Lanka Bleech (Andere)

Stop the bus…

Lanka (2) Bleech (Andere)

It’s all about different flavours of rice

Lanka (3) Tonal Contrast (Andere)

Some vehicles are unstoppable

Lanka (4) (Andere)

The old question about the right of way – usually the truck wins…

Lanka (5) Dark Contrast (Andere)

A little bit of chaos…

Lanka (7) (Andere)

Between customers

Lanka (10) Bleech (Andere)

Doing active business

Lanka (11) Focus (Andere)

Fancy some?

Lanka (56) (Andere)

Heavy load

Lanka (20) (Andere)

as well

Lanka (21) (Andere)

Waiting for the customer

Lanka (23) (Andere)

friendly vendors

Lanka (24) Dark Contrast (Andere)

manual transport

Lanka (25) (Andere)

A greenhouse tuk-tuk

Lanka (26) (Andere)

Anybody for some pumpkins?

Lanka (27) (Andere)

or here?

Lanka (35) (Andere)

Just the perfect one…

Lanka (29) (Andere)

rushing by

Lanka (30) (Andere)

A hard day’s work

Lanka (36) (Andere)

After the transactions are made

Lanka (37) (Andere)

Where could I get my catch?

Lanka (38) (Andere)

“Let’s carry it together”

Lanka (39) (Andere)

No mate – unlucky you…

Lanka (40) (Andere)

Lovely greens

Lanka (41) (Andere)

That’s bulk load for you

Lanka (43) (Andere)

“Wait – I will help you…”

Lanka (44) (Andere)

A hard job

Lanka (45) High Contrast (Andere)


Lanka (47) (Andere)

Everything from the garden

Lanka (48) (Andere)

“We’ve got the biggest nuts…”

Lanka (49) (Andere)

A real beauty

Lanka (55) (Andere)

Magnificent tree in the hotel car park

Lanka (32) (Andere)

Lanka (18) (Andere)

The old structure

Lanka (54) (Andere)

Taking a breather in between

Lanka (19) (Andere)

Waiting for the priest…

Lanka (22) (Andere)

Restoration of a deity

Lanka (9) Dark Contrasts (Andere)

No droppings, please

Lanka (13) Tonal Contrast (Andere)

Lanka (14) (Andere)

Lanka (15) (Andere)

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  1. Interesanti, skaisti un nabadzígi.

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