The last pictures of Morocco

No, perhaps not the last every made by anybody, but at least the last one done by me… (never-more (in Morocco… Smiley).

View from the terrace over the medina towards rainy mountainsView over Fez  DIA 1200 (Andere)

Gives a much better impression of the desolate state the whole thing is in. Actually, when you see the medina at night there is nearly nothing to see, as there are no lights. Not like inner cities here – just some bands of light for the soukhs – few else. People seem not to care too much about putting lighting on…

Overview Fez BW 2400 (Andere)

After all the dirt and heat Ursi had a deep desire to cool off a bit

Ursi at the pool DIA 2400 (Andere)

The inner courtyard facing the library

Entrance doors BW 2400 (Andere)

Again as a close-up

Entrance door CloseUp BW 2400 (Andere)

A reflection (from the back wall) in a glass door

Reflection in Door DIA 1200 (Andere)

A side corridor

Collonades Palais Faraj BW 2400 (Andere)

Lamps in a row

Lamps in Row BW 2400 (Andere)


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