Yes, there are still some images left…

For those of you, who want to see quite many of our images (from the past as well), please feel free to have a look at our main image site:

Here is a view from Flores towards the North. Behind Corvo (under the cloud) there is nooooooothing for a very long time… Hic draconis Zwinkerndes Smiley

Many of the images seem to be too bright or too shiny – yet this is the way things are very often on the Azores. The sun is really, really strong and quite high in the sky; together with the non-existent pollution and humidity this very often creates just amazingly intense colours.

Hic Draconis - View to Corvo DIA 3200 (Andere)

The tidal pools are really fascinating all over the place and the water really has that blue-green colour…

Water in Bay DIA 3200 (Andere)


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